Garden Room on DIY Ground Screws

  • 23rd October 2023

  • Warwickshire

James Purchased Our Now Discontinued 68mm X 750mm Ground Screws Earlier Last Year For The Foundation Of His Garden Room And Was Delighted With The Product And Service Received.

The challenge

James initially used our Ground Screw calculator to work out how many screw he would need for this 3M x 4.5M garden studio. Due to the proximity of neighbours boundry, James felt that Ground Screws would be easier to install, than excavating so close to the fence and putting in concrete footings. As he had not used Ground Screws before, he ordered our trial kit after speaking to our team here in the office.

The solution

Once the trial kit had arrived he could see how easy installation was going to be and he proceeded to order 16 x 68mm x 750mm Ground Screws and brackets. Delivery was arranged for the next working day and within an afternoon (with some help from his kids) he’d installed all 16 screws and brackets and built the frame base from 5″x2″ timber he bought from his local timber merchant. All in, the job was done within 5 hours and he was then ready to start work on the garden room, which we think he has done a particularly nice job on – well done James.

What the client says

I found dealing with the company excellent, with sound honest advice and an efficient service. The proposal of a trial screw and tool with the offer of a refund if I wasn’t happy was an excellent way to make a decision to use this system for my garden room. It turned out to be so simple the kids could do all the hard work. I will definitely us this system again.

James Reed