Professional Installation

The Ground Screw Centre team have over 15 years' experience installing Ground Screws and can offer highly reliable, low-impact and efficient Ground Screw foundations for a variety of applications. Whether it is a decking area, garden room or a commercial project, we have the product range and experience to provide technical advice and a seamless nationwide installation service.

The benefits of a professional ground screw installation

  • Rapid Installation

    Fast and effective installation which requires no digging and concrete creates an immediate foundation for your structure.

  • Less mess, less cost

    A quick and clean alternative to messy concrete, no digging, no waste, no costly skips. Save money on the total cost of installing foundations.

  • Designed to last

    Our Ground Screws are fully galvanised to protect against rusting. For added peace of mind, they are CE certified with our 20-year product guarantee and are BS EN 1461:2009 compliant.

  • Immediately load bearable

    Suitable for a wide range of structures, our Ground Screws are immediately load bearing, so as soon as they are installed you can start building.

  • Permanent or temporary structures

    Suitable for permanent or temporary structures and easily removable with no lasting pollutants left behind

  • Environmentally friendly

    Reduced CO2 from pouring concrete. Helps protect habitats and prevent damage to tree root systems

  • No Heavy Equipment

    Ground Screws can be installed using our hand held machinery for quick and easy installation due to no heavy equipment required

  • Lightweight & Compact

    Using Ground Screws eliminates any access issues - Our ground screws, bracket systems and tools can all be carried by hand.

  • Reduced Disruption

    The Ground Screw route minimises disruptions to your property, as it often involves less noise, debris, and disturbance compared to traditional foundation construction.

Hassle Free Professional Installation Service

Explore the convenience of our Ground Screw Calculator for a quick quote tailored to your installation needs, or reach out to our expert team for personalised advice and guidance. We’ll not only talk you through the installation process but also ensure that all arrangements are seamlessly orchestrated, fitting to your schedule and preventing any delays in the completion of your project. Delivering with nationwide installation for a diverse range of applications and customer needs, our highly reliable installation teams ensure a hassle-free service.

Our Ground Screw Calculator can be used for a quick quote tailored to your project needs or you can contact our team for advice and a bespoke quote. We’ll not only talk you through the installation process but also ensure that all arrangements are made to fit your schedule and prevent any delays in the completion of your project.

Building Control Approval

We have 15 years of experience of completing projects which require building control compliance. We can assist with:

  • Site Surveys
  • Design & Structural calculations
  • Site-specific load testing with detailed reporting
  • Installation of Ground Screws along with bespoke structural sub-bases

Our high quality Ground Screw range, designed for high load-bearing capacity, offers a concrete and trouble free solution.

Why choose us for professional ground screw installation?

  • 15 years of Ground Screw technology experience

  • Fixed length and extendable Ground Screws available

  • Site-specific load testing available

  • Bespoke and adjustable sub-bases and fixing details

  • CE-approved with a 20-year product guarantee

  • Hot-dip galvanised Ground Screws with BS EN 1461:2009 compliance

  • Nationwide installation service with our trained in-our operatives

FAQs about our ground screw professional installation service

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