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Professional Installation Information

Our inhouse professional installation teams can supply and install your ground screws and timber base, offering a nationwide service.

We have a range of ground screws from 1m to 3.5m in length to accommodate any site / structure. Please note ground screws of this length can only be installed by our powered machinery and cannot be self-installed.

For quotes, please use our online calculator for both self-install or professional install options.


  • Minimum access required with handheld machinery
  • Full installation of ground screws and timber deck base completed in 1 day
  • Deck constructed from either 6x 2 or 4 x 2 section (your preference), using C16/C24 construction grade treated timber dependant on building requirements
  • All prices include supply and installation of ground screws, brackets, fixings and timber joists
  • Timber joists cut to designed lengths prior to arrival on site
  • No digging, No wheelbarrows, No skips, No mess

Installation Criteria

  • Prices are based on sites within a 150-mile radius of CV8 2LG (Google Maps)
    Sites located outside of the 150-mile radius a small surcharge maybe be applied, please contact us for a price
  • The working site needs to be cleared of any debris prior to ground screw installation
  • Any evidence of existing concrete foundations must be identified and declared on order
    If concrete foundations exist in the working area extra costs may apply depending on screw positions
  • Any knowledge of existing underground services and plans would be helpful if known
  • Unimpeded access is required to ensure safe movement of all materials and equipment
  • As much tea as you can supply


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