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Large Garden Studio

garden studio (photo by I. Bartlam)

This is my studio nearly finished due to the inclement weather.

This was put on 24 screws into a sandy shale sub soil.

Solid as anything even with all the rain.

7.2mtrs x 3.6mtrs with cedral cladding and plasterboard interior.


(7th May 2020)

Garden Room Foundation

garden room (photo by I. Davies)


Customer service was helpful, answering calls before I placed my order. I feel like if I had to install them again it would be easy after my first go. Seems to be working really well.

I Davies

(26th April 2020)

Wonderful Garden Room with Veranda

garden room and decked veranda (photo by M. Auton)

Actually easier to screw into the ground than I thought. No mess or hassle compared to concrete. The Ground Screws are well manufactured and 'solid'. Quick delivery and support when asking questions about how many were needed.

Many thanks
M Auton

(14th April 2020)

Open Boat Shed Foundation on Flood Plain

Dear Ground Screw Centre Team,

The aim with this small project was to construct an open boat shed clear of the ground (it was subject to flooding) using new and reused materials (from a previously dismantled boat shed) to house general boating equipment (oars, fenders, outboards etc).

boat store (photo by J. Carpenter)

After a lot of online research we selected these as they appeared to suit a particular set of requirements, namely:

  • Easy for one person to install, level and build from (the boat shed was largely self-build)
  • The ability to stand proud of the ground as the site is prone to flooding (it is on an island in the Thames)
  • Elimination of the need for concrete or masonry foundations because boat-only access presented transportation and handling difficulties.

I was very impressed; six screws were installed and levelled in a morning, and I was able to start the main build on the same day. Over the course of several weekends the build was completed and made ready for use. The attached images show a) one of the screws with post, beam and decking arrangement over, and b) the open deck with the re-used corrugated steel mono-pitch roof and open slat side-cladding (to the rear, the adjoining boundary fence and one side dense bamboo vegetation, the other side being open).

boat store (photo by J. Carpenter)

So useful is the shed we find ourselves using it for all sorts of other uses; log store, wood store and outside garden equipment included.

I hope this small intro and the accompanying images gives some idea of the ground-screws in use.

J Carpenter

(27th October 2019)

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